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Monday, May 19, 2014

See Heaven's Got a Plan For you

I never want to reveal this blog under the sun. Well i mean to the public, especially to those "unkind" stalkers of mine. Be it some relatives or friends that i'm not familiar with. Your attention is much appreciated. Not to me, but my parents :)

Because of your attention, i tried so frigging hard throughout these years just to make myself look "positive". At least in front of the public. And because of you people, i tried suppressing all those negative emotions i have in me. Nah.. Ogay it's time for me to show my gratitude to you for your continuous attention in all these while. Thank you? lol

Frankly, i've had nothing left in me. I have lost the wits and faith that i used to actually possess. All the passions and dreams i used to chase after. They were long gone. I didn't even realize it when they slipped away from me. How silly i am. (chuckles)

So in love with Swedish House Mafia's song today. Yes only today i insist. I feel loved when it goes 'Don't you worry don't you worry child, see heaven's got a plan for you'
It must be great if someone could talk to me like this. Instead of words of criticism, something like this works better if your intention is to encourage me..

Hmm that's all for today. pip x2

Friday, April 11, 2014

My BFF - Gabriela Kwok

Sometimes people came into your life as passengers. So when they arrived at their destinations, they probably would have just left abruptly without a hesitation...

Thank God she is not just a passenger in my life. Lol frankly speaking, words can never be enough for me to express my gratitude to her, Gabriela Kwok. She is the person who will always be there for me when i need her. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Thanks for always being such a great friend who will always stand by my side whenever i'm in need.

Although we can only meet each other like around once or twice in a year, but still we manage to maintain and enhance our friendship by communicating on FB, LINE, SKYPE and other pathways.

Due to some personal problems of mine, our friendship broke when we were 16 and it took us more than one year to really get patched. I used to be very upset because of this, but thank goodness we are now patched and the bond between us is getting even stronger.

She is a gorgeous, smart, kindhearted and confident young lady who is nearly perfect.( in my opinion :3)
She is always able to give me the wisest advices and leads me to be a better person. She is a genuine listener and comforter who will always listen to my problems and tries to provide me with the best suggestions as well as words of strength.

So once again, i wanna thank her for being one of my best friend, best sister and thanks for taking part in the story of my life for as long as 12 years. Kamsahamnida! Arigato gozaimasu! Merci! Grazie! Gracias! Kob Kun Krab! ...... (Okay sorry i'm just being bored... hahahaha )


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My 19th Birthday :)

This was my first year celebrating birthday in the college. It was pretty surprising that those awesome friends of mine are really kind to me :)
Ok flashback to March 28, 2014,around 9am. One of my best buddy- Xiau Chyi lied to me that she won't be able to celebrate my birthday cause she had to go back to Johor on the same day... Then another two buddies of mine, Yong Ting and Chia Kee came to my house at night.. with some handmade flowers and a huge birthday card which was really awesome :3 Thank youu Chia Kee <3

The birthday card :3

The handmade flowers c:

okay after that we went for dinner together.So when i was enjoying my dinner, Tea xiau chyi appeared out of sudden. /\ She intended to give me a fright though it wasn't successful .. HAHAHA it was a good try anyway :D

THEN they dragged me to Kbox ><.. Haha though i actually wanted to go skating but still .. never mind haha... After that my another buddy- Sok cheng joined in. ( She rushed all the way back from KL for my bd ) lol Thanks buddy :) So all of us kept on singing till like around 12AM.. the waitress came in with a cake and 4 of them started singing birthday song for me.. haha. And they gave me a box of present with a mickey and minnie puppets inside. They then told me that they got the puppets from a doll-clipping machine cause they couldn't get any nice mickey and minnie in the shops. Lol thanks for your sincerity :3....

The lovely Mickey and Minnie :)

The overview of the birthday card :3

We sang till like around 1 am then only we got back home. Thanks a lot to someone who accompanied me chatting till 3am plus in front of the house.. :) Though it was pretty gross but still i enjoyed it very much. And i received a special booklet as present at night. It was a booklet with an interesting story with all my troll pictures in it. thank you i love it very much :) (you know who u are).

This is how it looks like :)

And thanks a lot to one of my high school buddy- ming suen, for posting a gift for me from Toa payoh, Singapore. haha. It was a black color mickey booklet which was made of leather. I like it very much thank you :) I'm using it as a notebook now !!
Mickey booklet :)

Also i have to thank one of my high school friend who used to sit beside me -- Xin Qi for treating me a meal on my birthday!! Thanks for the cake and coffee:).

Xin Qi :)

Thanks to Prisca kwan for the lame line mickey stickers too haha!! Give me real prezie when we meet up hor!!
Haha and there are still a few presents which are still in pending process due to some reasons. Ok anyway advance thank you to my dearest sis Gabriela, Gabrielle, and Christine for the upcoming prezies. Thanks a lot :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Never an Honest word.

For some reason i can't explain, Once you go there was never, Never an honest word. That was when i ruled the world.

Don't know what to say, Just randomly feel like blogging XD

For some reason i can't explain, I love this song so freaking much. it's Viva la vida sung by Coldplay few years ago. Haha the rhythm and lyrics are so well composed and i just feel like playing it over and over again.

Well, time passes by like shooting stars >< My 4th week in semester 2 has come to an end. Soon there will be tons of presentations, assignments and exams which will definitely get me buried and .... even murdered ..... (giggles !@#$%^^&&* )

Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Thursday, August 29, 2013



记得约莫10年前,我看了一部片名为“我的野蛮女友” 的电影。



就在PPS 搜索了一会儿, 找到了这部既陌生又熟悉的电影。
相隔10年, 我怀抱着和当初一样的心情看完了这部电影。。
却也多了一份当初没有的心情, 这种感觉叫心痛。

看着深爱着她的男主角, 望着深爱的人离去的那一刹那,
我的心像是被人用两根手指反复揉捏着一样, 特别的揪心。。

最最最霸气的韩国女星。。。 此人无人能及,无人能媲美。限量发行,仅此一枚。